Would you like to communicate directly to potential customers who are close to your business? Would you like to offer specials to those who are close to your door? Would you like to be a digital walking billboard for your business everywhere you go?

Our breakthrough technology makes this a reality! For a cup of coffee per day, you can promote your business to people anywhere.

Bluetooth Beacon Proximity Marketing has been used by large companies since 2014. However, it was not affordable for small businesses - until now! 


This is a HUGE opportunity for your business!

You can advertise just like the big box stores - for an affordable monthly cost!


What Is Bluetooth Proximity Marketing?

Send specials and offers to people who are near your location with our bluetooth marketing device.

You can send personalized notifications to Android device users within 100 yards. These devices are portable, so you can choose the location and change it frequently. Notifications can also be easily changed. Perfect for:

  • brick-and-mortar businesses (draw in customers with special deals as they are passing your business)
  • realtors (send a link to a virtual tour of a listed home to anyone who passes the home),
  • food trucks and vendors (Let customers know you are in the area.),
  • salons and boutiques (advertise specials and coupons),
  • mall kiosks, and
  • direct sales representatives.

Where Else Can I Use The Device To Promote My Business?

These devices are great for promoting your business at

  • trade shows,
  • sporting events,
  • concerts,
  • mobile service providers
  • fairs and festivals, and
  • other events with large crowds.


How It Works

For a small monthly fee, we give you a tiny wireless device.

 You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast.

 The device sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone.

 To receive messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on.  

→ The device is battery powered and lasts two years.

→ It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. Just take it out of the box, and you're up and running!

Our Technology  

Android phones represent more than 60% of the North American smartphone market.


Android phones and devices account for more than 60 percent of the smartphones in North America. In order to receive your notifications, the phone only needs to have Bluetooth enabled. No special app needed.  

Recipients have the option to opt out of the notifications to comply with Anti-Spam requirements.

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