Social media is a powerful form of communication with customers and potential customers.Social media, texting and other technology provide a way to communicate directly with your customers. Integrity Merchant Partners provides an easy-to-use system that helps you leverage these technologies to bring in customers and sales. Our mobile and social marketing tools that help you increase store traffic, attract new business, drive repeat sales and improve customer loyalty. It's easy for you to create, send and track promotional offers – and make more money!
With Our Social Media Marketing Tools, you can quickly and easily post special deals and offers online, via e-mail, or via text message directly to your customers. 

Easily Create and Send Special Offers By Social Media, E-mail or SMS Messaging

Our web-based system allows you to create offers and coupons for your customers with the click of a button. Then, send your message via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, text message or your own website. 

Reach Customers Everywhere

Don't rely on broad-based advertising and blanket targets. Engage more customers more frequently with direct communication through e-mail, text and social media. 


Grow Your Customer Base 

Build your customer base with social media with discounts, offers, and specials. Fans can share your offers with their friends and family, expanding the reach of your campaign. Encourage your customers to share their post via Facebook, retweet via Twitter, or forward the e-mail message or text.

Track Results

The online system lets you easily collect customer information and provides detailed reporting for each offer. Sales and redemptions are automatically tracked and viewable online in real time, so you can see which offers work best for your business.
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